Clyde Staff Pack A Punch With Their Unwanted Stuff!

Bag it Beat it campaign for Charity

Clyde Staff Pack A Punch With Their Unwanted Stuff!

During September our charity focus was British Heart Foundation as we took part in their ‘BAG IT. BEAT IT.’ campaign.

Throughout the month, Clyde staff would arrive at work laden with heavy bags filled with unwanted clothes, shoes, books, toys, and whole host of other household items.

In true Clyde style, we managed to incorporate some fun for the good cause, and a friendly internal competition to see which team could bring in the most bags was soon underway!

Together we managed to collate a total of 34 bags, which were extremely gratefully received by British Heart Foundation. The goods we donated will be sold in their shops to raise funds for their life-saving heart research.

Congratulations to our Customer Service team who won the challenge to bring in the most bags, and let’s all say a special Thank-You to British Heart Foundation for all the good work they do.

You can find out more about British Heart Foundation and their BAG IT. BEAT IT. campaign here.