Stand Out On The Shelf: How To Maximise Sales With Premium Product Packaging


Benefits of Premium Packaging

Types of Premium Packaging 

Consideration When Choosing Premium Packaging

Why Choose Clyde Presentation Packaging?


There’s more to packaging than presenting or enclosing a product. At Clyde Presentation Packaging we see premium product packaging as a way of growing a strong brand identity, driving sales and increasing engagement with your customers. Having unique and recognisable packaging will be an instant draw for customers and create brand awareness and revenue.

Your product packaging really can have a huge impact on whether a customer decides to make a purchase or not.

This guide is here to provide you and your business with useful information on the benefits of premium packaging, types of packaging that we provide, and key factors to consider when choosing premium packaging.


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Benefits of premium packaging

Great packaging can do wonders for your business, and this often gets overlooked. The little details and intricacies in your box and design could be what your product needs to be the biggest seller in your market. Here are the benefits of using premium packaging.

1. Stand out from the competition

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone else as a gift, the packaging of a product plays a big part in the customer’s purchasing decisions. You’re more likely to walk past a glass bottle if it hasn’t been packaged, because it isn’t drawing you in. By using premium packaging, your product can make customers stop, take note of your branding and vision, and then ultimately make a purchase.

Customised or styled packaging plays a huge role in differentiating your brand from the competition. Since most products perennially use the same size, shape, and style of packaging, it can be hard for
customers to tell your product apart without customised packaging.

If you really want to take your product to that next level, then Clyde Presentation Packaging can provide added features including die cutting, foiling embossing, matt lamination and more.

2. Reinforce brand messaging

Product packaging engages customers in a multi-sensory experience that helps evoke an emotional response and communicates your brand’s promise. Elements such as colour, shape, logo, and
typography define your brand’s story and its positioning in the market. Premium packaging, in this case, helps position your brand as reliable, high-quality, and luxurious.

By using product packaging, you can also allow for extra space to tell your brand story to new customers rather than forcing it on a small bottle label. With a clear message, this helps build a positive brand perception which encourages customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

3. Protect your product

At its most basic level, product packaging should keep the product inside safe as it sits on the shelf and during transportation, especially with fragile products such as alcohols and spirits. In addition to that, high-quality packaging protects the product from tampering and contamination.

Therefore, investing in premium packaging that is sturdy and reliable guarantees the safety and integrity of the product inside so that it gets to the consumer in good condition. This is effective on both sides of the process, as not only will high quality packaging improve the customers experience, but it also saves having to spend extra time dealing with claims and replacing damaged products.

4. Catch the eye on the shelf

Packaging plays a crucial role in attracting customers to your product on a shelf with other brands. The packaging should be an indication of what the customer should expect from the product, so you must choose a packaging style and design that will appeal to your target market and stand out. The colour, logo, and typography are essential, but the most critical elements are the quality, size and material of the packaging. Quality packaging can give you a lot more shelf presence and can go a long way towards distinguishing your product from the crowd and putting it in the hands of buyers. This is where Clyde can help by providing solutions such as innovative inserts and false bases – which can store smaller items in bigger boxes – as ways to make your box stand out.

5. Improve customer unboxing experience

The unboxing experience is part of a customer’s journey with your brand. Getting this right can further improve the customer’s experience as a whole and enhance their perception of your brand. A lot of thought should go into what kind of packaging is being opened; you wouldn’t want a glass bottle in bubble wrap as it doesn’t highlight the brand’s message and gives the impression that it isn’t a premium item worth buying. By going with a more suitable packaging style, such as a premium rigid magnetic closure box, those issues will be eliminated and it will show that time and effort has been put into the product.

6. Reinforce the quality of the product inside

As mentioned earlier, your packaging should be an accurate reflection of the product inside, so everything needs to match. Having premium packaging should give the customer the indication that the
quality of the product will also be of the same standard. Regardless of whether you’re releasing your debut spirit, or you are an experienced distillery, having the quality of packaging to match the product will make you a popular choice with customers.


Types of Premium Packaging

Now that we have covered the benefits of premium product packaging let’s look at the different types of premium packaging available at Clyde Presentation Packaging.

1. Rigid boxes

A rigid box is the perfect choice if you’re looking to protect and present fragile products such as alcohol and spirits. Our rigid box designs are made from fully recyclable, solid grey board and then lined in your choice of paper stock. Rigid boxes can be customised to different designs, shapes, and finishes, depending on your needs and product range. Here are the different styles of rigid boxes available at Clyde Presentation Packaging:

  •  Shoe-box style

The Shoe-box style is arguably the most common type of rigid box available. It’s also extremely versatile meaning that it can be used for different applications.

There are two main styles used when designing a Shoe-box style with Clyde Presentation Packaging. The Classic style which has a deep tray with a shallow lid for a snug, secure fit, and the Perfect Edge style, which is similar, but has a full depth lid that completely covers the base tray so that the bottom of the lid is level with the bottom of the base of the box.

• Shoulder box

The shoulder box will have a base and lid that are the same size with a slightly smaller tray, called the ‘neck’, that’s glued inside the base of the box. This tray extends up past the base to form a ‘shoulder’
allowing it to slot into the lid. It gives a seamless join between the base and the cover, making it the perfect option for packaging designs where graphics and typography need to wrap seamlessly around the box. A shoulder box is the ideal choice to protect luxury cosmetic products such as perfumes.

Sometimes with shoulder box designs, a taller neck is used to prevent the base and lid from coming together. This is known as an ‘exposed shoulder’ and is perfect if you want your packaging to be easier to open and have contrasting colours.

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• Book box

As the name suggests, this is a hinged box that resembles a hardcover book. The spine panel is permanently attached to the base tray, which is smaller than the base and lid which leaves a small
overhang when closed to enhance the aesthetic of the box. Book boxes often have foam inserts that help hold the product securely. The unique styling and presentation of book boxes are ideal for luxury spirits or deluxe gifts.

• Clam-shell box

Another style of hinged box, its likeness is that of a clamshell. The lid is hinged to the base of the box with a crease-scored spine panel. This means the lid is made slightly larger than the base and sides nest perfectly when the box is closed. The box will lie flat when open, giving you the option to add decorative printing to the inside and a great choice for presenting luxury gifts such as beauty cosmetics and perfume.

2. Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are a form of premium packaging that continues to grow in popularity in retail, as they can be reused for as long as you need them. At Clyde Presentation Packaging we source the majority of our wood from local suppliers, and we have a wide selection of wood types available, including oak cedar, alder and walnut.

Wooden boxes can have finishing additions including silk screen, engraving, etching and hot stamping to hold collector’s items, like limited edition whiskies, in a unique style that’s bound to make an elegant statement.

3. Folding Box Board

Folding box boards are made from layers of paper pulp, yet despite their lighter weight the material is just as strong with its impressive foldability at around 600 microns in thickness.

The versatility of a folding box board allows for a variety of shapes and sizes to be die-cut and custom glued to suit your product, and at Clyde Presentation Packaging we can also look at producing double the overall thickness with two laminated board layers to take the luxurious feel to the next level.

Using a folding box board provides the opportunity to really go that extra mile in creativity and branding in the design work. Effects such as full colour printing, embossing and foiling will really make your product stand out, especially in competitive markets such as the spirits and alcoholic beverages markets.



4. Sleeves

Packaging sleeves are folding board wraps that can be used over boxes, usually rigid boxes, rather than having excessive customisation on the box itself.

Sleeves provide the chance to explore more areas of your brand to promote to customers.

This can include different flavours of spirits for seasonal products which can still be stored in the same generic box, which you can then buy in larger quantity and have unprinted to focus on the sleeve.

The more boxes you buy the better the price, so by using the same box and differentiating it with a sleeve, you can fulfil your requirements but still have the appropriate branding for the sleeve.

5. Paper Bags

Premium packaging isn’t just about boxes; added luxury can also come in the form of a bespoke paper bag. Attention to detail on a paper bag design for a deluxe item such as gifted beverages, artisan food or cosmetics can raise customer engagement and increase brand awareness. Paper bags have a lot of advantages. Besides being a cost-effective packaging option, they can be reused by the customer, adding more brand value within your market.


Considerations when choosing premium packaging

You’ve got your product, and you have an idea of packaging that would suit it, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to formally select your materials just yet. There are two key factors to
consider when choosing premium packaging, and those are:

1. Quality

The quality of the materials is the most important consideration of product packaging. The materials need to be realistic to match the style and strength of your product, otherwise it could lead to damaged goods and negatively affect the unboxing experience for the customer. Strong and sturdy material with a great finish will give you great results, so never compromise on quality.

It is also important to make sure that the overall costs of the materials are within your budget and that this doesn’t have a lasting effect on the quality of the packaging itself.

2. Sustainability

It’s vital that packaging is sustainable, and this is an issue that consumers are influenced by when purchasing. Dealing with natural resources can lead to challenges in taking care to protect the
product and is a huge concern for consumers right now.

At Clyde Presentation Packaging, we make sure that sustainability is a big factor in product packaging of any style that we provide. We do so by following these trends:

  • Removing plastic from packaging
  • Ensuring the materials used are sustainable – FSC, PEFC, Recycled
  • Using board inserts as a replacement for foam inserts
  • Engaging with a carbon offset scheme – working alongside Forest Carbon, we are committed to
    restoring permanent woodlands in the UK by pledging to plant four trees for every tonne of CO² we

Having the possibility to offer environmentally friendly materials will not only help protect the environment, but it’ll also make your brand unique and appealing to new and regular customers.



Why choose clyde presentaTION Packaging

Clyde Presentation Packaging is a family-owned business with vast experience in bespoke and luxury product packaging.

How does this help you?

  • We genuinely care about our customers success – we buy into your brand story and how the packaging can tie into it.
  • We are passionate about seeing new brands develop, and helping existing brands reach new heights with their packaging.
  • We have years of experience meaning we can provide tried and tested solutions to you.
  • We are transparent, creative and supportive of all ideas.

Every project we do is treated with the same level of care and dedication, and that includes having a hands-on approach to customer service during the development to make sure the process runs without a hitch. We will keep you updated every step of the way, and the communication will always remain constant and honest about what can be achieved.

We combine our knowledge of paper-based materials and technological expertise to create creative, beautiful packaging that adds a touch of luxury to your product.

Our packaging is at the heart of the alcohol and spirits industry, but we also provide premium packaging of varying styles in other sectors including artisan foods, deluxe cosmetics, perfumes and other premium gifts.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you grow your business with the best premium product packaging in the UK and Europe.


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