Presentation Packaging Questions and Answers…

We’ve compiled some questions that we get asked every day by our clients because they may be of use to you.

If you still have something to ask please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

All our boxes are made bespoke to your requirements. There are a few standard moulds for the diameters of tubes which are the more cost-effective options. However if you want a very specific size then we can easily help, it just may add to the cost slightly.

Yes, we do. We make up a design proposal offering you up to 3 different options of styles of box design for you to choose from. This costs £250 for design of initial concepts and ideas.

If one of these designs is acceptable there would be a further £250 to produce high resolution print-ready files. Allow 5-7 days for design.

Artwork is required as a hi-res pdf file. We will always send you a proof of the artwork to approve before we go ahead.

We can provide free unprinted samples made to your bespoke size and style. Printed samples are an extra cost once we have a promise of an order.

We produce boxes and tubes made from Kraft material which is unbleached recyclable card. Most of the boxes we make are made solely from paper and card so are fully recyclable. The interior card that we use is all fully recyclable. Contact us if you would like us to offset the carbon produced in your paper production by planting trees for only a few extra pence per unit.

We produce our packaging in the best place to meet your requirements. We have production facilities in the UK, Europe and Middle East and depending on what is most important to you (i.e. quality, carbon footprint, low prices etc.) we produce in the best location to meet your needs.


Lead times vary between 3-12 weeks depending on the type and complexity of the box, the style, size and which of our production facilities it is being produced in. Contact us to find out what the lead time would be for your packaging.


Rigid Boxes:

We can produce a minimum of 500 units however for the best value the minimum would be 1000+ units.

We can do 1000+ units split over several different designs.

Folding Board Boxes:

Minimum 1000+ units again can be split over several different designs.

Cardboard Tubes:

Minimum 3000 units for good economies of scale/best value for money

Card Bags:

Minimum 1000 units.

There may be exceptions to these quantities for specific boxes. To check our minimum quantities for your requirements please contact us


Once you have given us the relevant details (size, finishing, material, style) of your packaging we will provide you with a quote. If the quote looks acceptable to you and you wish to go ahead and place an order we will produce a plain unprinted sample of the box for you to approve. You will also be provided with a cutter to place your artwork design into. Once this is approved you can either purchase a printed sample or go ahead to production based on the unprinted sample. Production of your packaging will be a few weeks and once this is done we quality check your goods to ensure that all of them meet our high standards. Once we are sure of this the packaging is delivered out to you either by one of our own drivers or by paid courier delivery.


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