Managing Director

Meet Ben our Managing Director and the man who heads up Business Development at Clyde. Ben is an enthusiast, fascinated by the whole concept of packaging to attract the consumer.  He brings with him years of experience in the paper and print trades together with an eye for marketing which ensures both a realistic and artistic approach to the development of projects.  An enthusiast for the great outdoors and a keen walker Ben brings a breath of fresh air and innovation to development at Clyde.  With a longstanding interest in the drinks trade he has worked with both start ups and household brands to enhance their image with quality packaging while pushing into new fields in  giftware and cosmetics.

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Sales Manager

Simon our Sales Manager is always willing to go the extra mile to get a quality solution –  maybe that explains why he went to Canada for a wife. . .  He works with both old and new clients, and is a stickler for detail, so only the best is good enough.  He also helps new and potential clients on their journey to excellence drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the trade to come up with an answer to their problems.  Perhaps the quote ‘Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better’ just sums it up.

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Courtney Thomas

Project Manager

Courtney is our experienced Project Manager and expert on quality control.  She came to us with glowing exam results and is still top of the class in her job.  Always willing to help she works on production and operations, ensuring that customers receive their products in perfect condition and on time.

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David Thomas

Commercial Manager

David is our Commercial Manager – a Yorkshire man so you always know where you stand. He is at the cutting edge, keeping up with current market trends and pushing forward into new fields. He ensures our products are always adapting to take account of new developments and won’t take no for an answer in his quest for the best.

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Tahlia Palmer

Project Manager

Continuing growth over the past year has created the need for another Project Manager. Enter Tahlia, a welcome addition to the team, coming as she does from a fine food and drink background. Her appreciation of quality and interest in design will, we are sure, provide a sound basis for helping customers toward outstanding results in their journey to excellence.

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John McGowan

Operations Manager

In our 22,000 sq ft warehouse just along from the river Clyde John our Operations Manager reigns supreme.  He runs a tight ship – a place for everything and everything in its place is the byword here and only on time and in full is good enough.  Like a well-oiled machine the operations side of the business runs smoothly when John has got his hand on the helm.

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Pamela Asiedu

Finance Administrator

We can certainly rely on Pamela our Finance Administrator to always be on time.  Whether working from home or in the office you can set your watch by her.  This precise approach characterises her work on accounts too as she ensures the order process runs smoothly and customers are set up with the best payment options.

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Jane Steven

Finance Director

Jane, our Finance Director holds us all to account.  She doesn’t have red hair for nothing and little escapes her eagle eye but we rely on her for financial expertise and to keep our feet on the ground when creativity takes wing.  A steady pair of hands she has brought us through both the financial crisis and 2020 with aplomb, no mean feat.

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