Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 Units

Roll Top Shoulder Tube

Roll top shoulder tube packaging is made entirely from card and have telescopic shoulder.  This can be printed in a contrasting colour or pattern, and exposed for even greater visual impact.

This style is popular with the spirits market, but are also often used in the cosmetic and giftware industry.

These tubes can be fully wrapped for a bold look, or left in a kraft finish which is becoming hugely popular with companies looking to project an eco-conscious image.

They also make wonderful keepsakes, offering practical storage for all sorts of small items should the customer wish to repurpose their tube.

roll top shoulder tube packaging.
metal tin lid base tube packaging.

Metal Tin Lid & Base

These tube packages are made from rigid cardboard, with a push in base and lid, usually made from metal.

These tubes are extremely popular with drinks and spirits manufacturers and offer a truly premium feel – the tube itself can be wrapped and full colour printed while the metal end caps can be either printed or embossed for a custom, luxury look.  For larger quantities, we can even match the tin lid to a specific Pantone colour.

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