Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Units

Shoe-box Style

Perhaps the most common type of rigid box available, the Shoe-box style is extremely versatile and can be used for many applications.

The Classic style:
A deep tray with a shallow lid that telescopes snugly over the rim for a secure fit.

The Perfect Edge style:
Similar to the classic style but has a full depth lid which completely covers the base tray, so that the bottom of the lid is flush with the bottom of the base; i.e. hence the name ‘Perfect Edge’.

Classic Shoe Box Style
PP100. Classic Shoe Box Style Standard Depth Lid
Shoulder Box style
PP102. Shoulder Box
Exposed Shoulder Box Style
PP103. Exposed Shoulder Box

Shoulder Box

The Shoulder Box has a slightly smaller tray (called the ‘neck’) glued inside the base to form a ‘shoulder’ which slots into the lid. This gives a completely flush join between base and lid – an ideal choice for designs where graphics or typography need to wrap seamlessly around the box.

The Exposed Shoulder option:
Sometimes a taller neck tray is used to prevent the base and lid from meeting – this is called an ‘exposed shoulder’ and offers an opportunity for a contrasting colour or printed graphics to be seen, for added visual interest and supreme ease of opening.

Book Box

This is a hinged box where the spine panel is glued to the base tray. The tray is usually smaller than the base and lid, leaving a small overhang when the cover is closed and giving the appearance of a hardback book. They are often combined with board or foam inserts to keep the contents secure while allowing them to be seen when the lid is opened.

The heritage feel of these boxes makes them ideal for the presentation of spirits or deluxe gift sets for the connoisseur.

Book box style
PP104. Book Box
Book box style with magnetic closure
PP105. Book Box with Magnetic Closure Flap
Clam-shell box
PP106. Clam-shell Box

Clam-shell Box

This is also a hinged box, but with a Clam-shell style lid. This design allows for a contrasting colour finish and piques interest with a hinged opening. Like the book box, the clam shell is ideal for presenting luxury gift sets and upmarket spirits.

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