Hot foiling

Once reserved exclusively for expensive book covers, foil blocking brings a truly decadent feel to your branded packaging, with burnished metallic accents that can transform humble paper and cardstock into something really special.

Also sometimes called hot foiling, this technique uses a customized metal die to adhere very thin sheets of pre-glued metallic or pigment foil onto the substrate using heat.

Foil blocking

Foils are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, from classic gold, silver and bronze through to pastels and brights with high-shine or brushed metallic effects.

Foil blocking can be combined with other techniques such as embossing or debossing for added impact.  It’s suitable for a wide range of substrates and can be used to lend extra prestige to all kinds of materials from wooden boxes to tins, boxboard cartons and paper bags.

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