Eco-deluxe: why paper is the future of premium packaging


Eco-deluxe: why paper is the future of premium packaging

For the 21st century consumer, packaging isn’t just an aside, it’s an intrinsic part of the shopping experience.  Social media sites like YouTube and Instagram are awash with photos and videos shared by people receiving or unboxing goods – proof that covetable packaging is one of the most powerful marketing tools any business has at its disposal.

But packaging is changing.  As technology makes the world seem ever smaller, so too it increases our awareness of mankind’s impact on the earth.  More and more often, the modern consumer is seeking out companies whose environmental ideologies are closely aligned with their own.

Simultaneously, the global movement to reduce the amount of non-recyclable products we use is gathering pace, with many governments taking steps to enshrine these eco policies in law.  So what does that mean for packaging?  Isn’t this at odds with a world where brand is everything?

Here at Clyde, we believe that paper holds the key.

It’s now recognized that with proper, sustainable forestry management, wood – and therefore paper – is one of the world’s few truly renewable resources.

Research shows that Europe’s forest biomass is growing by as much as two football pitches every day – the result of a commitment to the correct management of semi-natural forests.  Consequently, businesses can feel confident that when they choose paper-based packaging, they’re making the right choice for their company, for their customers, and for the planet too.

The latest innovations in paper and board mean that the terms ‘eco friendly’ and ‘luxury’ are no longer mutually exclusive. Big on style without compromising on the environment, Clyde’s range of paper over board and folding boxboard products will challenge everything you thought you knew about the once humble cardboard box.

Ultra smooth and supremely printable, our premium board products are sourced from fully FSC-accredited supply chains and compatible with the very latest in luxury finishing.

Cutting edge foil, embossing and lamination techniques create a deluxe feel that’s a perfect fit for high-profile brands in a 21st century marketplace – so when you choose Clyde for packaging you won’t just be making a statement about your product, your brand and your story – you’ll be taking a stand for the planet, too.

For samples of our super-luxe, eco friendly packaging or to discuss your needs further, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!