How beautiful packaging grows sales.

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How beautiful packaging grows sales.

If you’re a manufacturer of retail products, you don’t need us to tell you – it’s a jungle out there.  Every hour of every day, businesses race to market with incredible products that are more innovative, more delicious, more effective than what has gone before – and every year in the UK, roughly half of those businesses will fail.

So, what’s the secret to success?  It’s no longer enough to have a great product.  To stay the course, you must be able to sell that product with great marketing – and that’s where great packaging can give you the edge.

What is product packaging?

The simple answer to this question might just be ‘a box’ or ‘a bag’ – but product packaging can also be seen as an extension of the whole process that transforms an idea into a sellable product.  However rational we like to think we are, humans are emotional creatures and we are often unaware of how much our emotions drive purchasing, especially impulse buys.  Therefore product packaging is much more than simply a way to protect or enclose a product – it’s a powerful psychological tool.

Design that speaks

Your packaging is essentially the last advert your consumer sees before they buy.  By the time they’re standing in front of the shelf (physical or virtual) they’ve already decided what they need, but faced with an overwhelming choice between brands, in the majority of cases the 21st century customer still makes an emotional choice at the point of sale.  They look to packaging as a tool to help them make a confident decision about which product they want.

Think about the iconic packaging developed by prestige brands like Apple or Jo Malone. Premium quality, and instantly recognisable, the mere sight of these boxes makes us covet the luxury contents – it triggers an emotional response.  We make decisions like this all the time as consumers.  How many of us can say we’ve never chosen a bottle of wine purely because we liked the label, or tried a cosmetics brand because the boxes were really stylish?

The psychology behind this marketing strategy is both simple and scalable.  Great packaging doesn’t have to be complicated or even expensive – a combination of quality raw materials and clever design can allow even small businesses to create real impact with packaging.

At Clyde, our designers are trained to think outside the box, inside the box, and around the box – we know how to make the box work harder.  By combining luxury materials with cutting-edge construction and attention-grabbing good looks, we can work with you to create packaging that influences and enhances the consumer experience way beyond mere practicalities.

The bottom line is, packaging matters.  If you don’t maximize its potential to drive sales and help you connect with your customer on a deeper level, you’re missing a trick.

We’re waiting to help you take the next step in your packaging journey.  To benefit from our expertise, contact our design team today!