How To Achieve Net Zero Through Packaging

net zero packaging.

The goal of achieving Net Zero should be at the forefront of our minds. Accordingly, the concept of Net Zero Packaging is that every part of the manufacturing process is carried out using renewable energy and no plastic materials that will end up in landfills. And fortunately, there are many things you can do to help achieve eco-friendlier packaging without compromising on the look and feel of your product.

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Reuse products

The first thing you can do to help your packaging sustainability goals is to reuse products and packaging, and keep them in the production cycle for as long as possible. Take, for example, Lush Cosmetics. The super-smelling soap company offers an incentive on product packaging returns – under their Bring It Back scheme, for every five full-sized product pots returned, the customer gets a free face mask. Many customers undoubtedly take full advantage of this offer and return Lush’s product pots directly to the company, where it can be washed and then put straight back into the production line, ready to be filled with the next product. By reusing packaging in this way, you can limit the amount of materials that will go to waste.

Improve packaging details

If you would rather not rely on customers to return products, you can make it easier for them to recycle the product or packaging themselves. For example, you could replace non-recyclable components of the packaging – such as magnet closings from lids and instead use tight friction-fit lids, allowing the box to be added straight to the recycling bin with none of the concern for the smaller non-recyclable bits falling on the customer’s shoulders.

Various non-recyclable finishes such as matt lamination can also be easily removed, making recycling the entire packaging easier overall.

Adhere to a carbon-offset scheme

If you are interested in carbon neutrality, there are a few things you can do, notably getting involved with a carbon-offset scheme. You could approach other businesses who are already running their own sustainability projects and ask to purchase carbon credits from them, investing in environmentally-friendly projects, or creating your own, such as installing solar panels or contributing to a tree planting scheme.

By investing in a green project, you can successfully offset your business’s carbon emissions. One way of doing this is opting for packaging products from a company who carefully source materials – such as Clyde Presentation Packaging. As an FSC and PEFC-accredited company, we are firmly committed to only using products from well-managed forests, where one tree is planted for every three or four that are cut down. By choosing Clyde Presentation Packaging, you will be taking huge steps to offsetting your carbon footprint.

At Clyde, one way we demonstrate our commitment to protecting the planet and doing our bit for the environment is a sturdy refurbished gin bottle box that we renovated into an eco-friendly bird feeder. Made of wood, it not only makes a lovely home for the birds around our building, but it also ensured no excess materials went to waste.

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