Clyde’s call-off contracts support artisan businesses to succeed


At Clyde Presentation Packaging, we make no secret of our belief that beautiful packaging grows sales (read our blog on this). As the first visual and physical contact your customer has with your brand, the packaging you choose has a profound impact on their perception of your product and how it meets their lifestyle or aspirations.

While we know that bespoke packaging is always a worthwhile investment, we also understand that for small or new-start brands, it may seem unattainable. Ordering small volumes of made-to-order boxes can be prohibitively expensive, leading many artisan manufacturers to run the gauntlet – launching their products into premium markets with average packaging, and just hoping they can gain enough traction to fund an upgrade later on.

At Clyde, our call-off contracts service means our customers can afford to go premium from the start, reducing the risk that their luxury products will get pushed aside by brands with big bucks to spend on packaging.

From hand-poured candles to small-batch distillers, some of the world’s most revered artisan brands have been launched by small-scale entrepreneurs who made astute choices that helped their limited resources to stretch as far as possible.

By choosing Clyde, our customers can avoid the huge cash outlay and storage dilemmas posed by ordering bespoke packaging in bulk – while still achieving the financial efficiencies.

Clyde’s call-off contracts service allows the client to order in bulk at an agreed price per unit. We then produce the full quantity of packaging, and store it in our 22,000 sq ft, climate controlled warehouse. Packaging is delivered to the client in manageable amounts, which can be invoiced per delivery to spread the cost (or upfront if the client prefers).

The result? Deluxe products get the deluxe packaging they deserve. Entrepreneurs get support when they need it and reassurance that if anything hampers their success in the marketplace, it won’t be packaging design. We get to work with some of the most exciting artisan businesses and creative minds in the country, which keeps us passionate about coming to work every day. We’d call that an all-round success, wouldn’t you?

For further information about call-off contracts, contact our sales team today.