Protection and Style: Why Product Packaging Is SO Important!


Packaging is one of the most underrated aspects of a product. After all, it’s what your customers see first and foremost whilst keeping your product in the condition it left the warehouse in. There has been a dramatic evolution in packaging over the past decade, especially for English wines, as there are now roughly 165 wineries in the UK, making the sector become increasingly competitive. Spirits businesses can have challenges standing out from the crowd so many of them are striving for premium and luxurious packaging to increase their visual appeal.

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However,  with the rise in the more ‘high-end’ look, it is important for businesses to be aware that product safety is integral to success, so read on to find out more about why packaging is key and the steps you can take to keep your products protected.

Why Is Product Safety Important?

There are a range of reasons why product safety is at the heart of good business. Firstly, damaged products are the quickest way to put a potential customer off from becoming a loyal customer for years to come. If your products arrive in poor condition, this can have a knock-on effect on customers’ perceptions of the quality of your goods, which can result in the likelihood of them turning to your competitors. Therefore, damaged items cripple your company’s image and reputation, ultimately hurting your bottom line.

Furthermore, the look and feel of a product come after the packaging. It’s the first thing any customer sees and feels before they buy your product. Using packaging techniques that convey the luxury nature of your brand enhances your business image, providing customers with an even better experience.

How We Can Protect Your Products

When packaging items with care, using the right methods prevents damage from befalling your products and boosts your company image. Adding our optional bespoke features to your packaging protects your products from any impairment, whilst retaining a quality brand image with ease.  For example, a board insert, die-cut to fit your product ensures they are held tightly in place, ensuring the item remains in excellent condition.

Having empty space in packaging is potential for your products to bounce around during transportation, leaving it open to take damage from even low impact movement. Inserts in the box prevent product movement, keeping them held tightly in place. The strength of the inserts prevents impact from reaching the product inside, especially important for high-end bottles and other breakable products. The right combination of product packaging boxes not only protects a product but your business too.

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Clyde Presentation Packaging offers premium custom product packaging at reasonable price points. Good packaging benefits your business image and leaves customers happy, and our luxury rigid boxes are perfect protection whilst looking classy. Contact our team today to find out more about our premium package services.

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