Premium Gin Sales Are Booming! Why You Should Consider Premium Presentation Box For Your Bottles.

Barra Atlantic Gin bottle and white box packaging which helping sales increase

Once a medicinal liquor brewed by monks in the Italian port city of Salerno, gin has become a favourite tipple in British households and pubs, with hundreds of mouth-watering craft gins lining the shelves. 

speak to an expert buttonDriven by a taste for premium flavours and a desire for alternatives to beer and wine, more people than ever are purchasing from the UK’s flourishing gin distilling industry, which now comprises 820 distillers compared to 190 just seven years ago.

  • Over 60 million bottles of gin are purchased each year in the UK.
  • Gin sales are increasing more quickly in value than volume, indicating a preference for premium artisan brands.
  • Exports of gin from the UK are worth over £500m annually.
  • Premium gin sales are predicted to grow by over 11 per cent by 2025.

The Importance Of Presentation

With consumers prepared to pay for high-quality gins, and with competition rife in the craft alcohol and spirits industry, bespoke premium packaging is one of the most effective ways that retailers can promote their products and increase uptake.

In particular, premium presentation boxes are the perfect way to store and present high-quality gins intended for the gifts market in shops, supermarkets, and online drinks outlets. Benefits include:

1) Stand Out From The Crowd As A Gifting Option 

With the current gin market more popular than ever, your packaging will need to make even more of an impression with customers. Research confirms that when scanning a shelf full of gins, someone looking to buy a gift will always be drawn to the gin that is in a presentation box, as this gives it more of a premium look and feel.  With gin often being brought for gifting, it is crucial that you use packaging as a way of making your brand look premium and ensuring it is the gift of choice!

2) Enhance The Unboxing Experience

Engagement with new customers starts from the moment they unpack their gin bottle. Bespoke designs allow you to communicate your brand identity, build rapport with consumers, and tell the story behind the product. Luxury gins can be complemented by high-end packaging features, including:

  • Extra strength and a quality feel courtesy of a laminated board.
  • Fully customisable features such as foiling, spot UV, embossing, debossing and die cuts for an elegant bespoke finish.
  • Providing printing options for the inside of the box as well as on the outside.

Premium packaging helps forge a personal connection with customers who purchase your gin online and increases the appeal of your products for people looking to buy gin as a gift.

3) Cost & Space Saving

With gin typically having a lower RRP compared to other spirits such as whisky, it means that a lower unit cost is required for the product packaging, which is why we recommend Folding box board (FBB) boxes for packaging gins.  Folding box boards are versatile and cost-effective for the gin market as they are supplied flat packed which will minimise cost and space needed for transit and storage, while still ensuring your product stands out on the shelf as a gifting option. Not only that, but most folding box board boxes are made from FSC or PEFC certified materials, which often proves to be a big factor in whether a customer decides to make a purchase or not. 

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